After the initial hiccups, MK10 requires downloading one massive update of 30GB.

When it first launched, steam downloaded 3GB from the net and allowed the users to play initial campaigns while downloading the 23 other files in the background. This however caused the game to crash for many users and there was a slew of comments on Twitter, Reddit and Steam Forum.

Quickly, MK10 was made into a 15GB download and users were also awarded 10,000 Koins for the hassles.

Finally, MK10 is now available for play only after a 30GB download, that includes the entire game in one go.

So, PC users, be warned. There is a massive 30.4 GB of download before you can start playing the game.

The only advantage is that this massive pack contains the DLC characters. Enjoy!

Update: May 9, 2015

MKX gets a new 15 GB patch! This fixes the save issues that some users have been facing. It’s very weird that minor issues like this one needs a 15 GiB patch

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