Browsing via HTTPS (HyperText Transport Protocol – Secure) combines the normal HTTP with SSL/TLS protocol and provides encrypted communications between the host (webserver) and the client(your PC). The advantage of using HTTPS is that no-one can sniff/snoop the data packets and eavesdrop on the data as it’s encrypted.

Enable secure browsing on Facebook
Login to your facebook account and select Account > Account Settings from the top right corner.

Find the “Account Security” section and check “Browse Facebook on a secure connection (https) whenever possible.

Enable secure browsing for Gmail
Gmail by default tries to provide HTTPS whenever possible. To disable or re-enable this feature (if you have disabled it in the past) all you have to do is: Login to your Gmail account and click on the settings icon (gears) on the top right corner.

Next, under the General Tab, find “Browser Connection” and select “Always use https” (this is also gmail’s default setting) if the other option is selected.

That’s about it. Gmail will use HTTPS for all future logins

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