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10 Richest Americans of 2008: Forbes List


#1 William Gates III

$57.0 billion
Source: Microsoft

#2 Warren Buffett

$50.0 billion
Source: Berkshire Hathaway

#3 Lawrence Ellison

$27.0 billion
Source: Oracle

#4 Jim Walton

$23.4 billion
Source: Wal-Mart

#5 S Robson Walton

$23.3 billion
Source: Wal-Mart

#6 Alice Walton

$23.2 billion
Source: Wal-Mart

#7 Christy Walton & family

$23.2 billion
Source: Wal-Mart inheritance

#8 Michael Bloomberg

$20.0 billion
Source: Bloomberg

#9 Charles Koch

$19.0 billion
Source: manufacturing, energy

#10 David Koch

$19.0 billion
Source: manufacturing, energy

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3 responses to “10 Richest Americans of 2008: Forbes List”

  1. John Paulson says:

    I read an article on Reuters saying that Soros' Quantum Fund lost 15% in 2011. Soros must have lost $3 billion personally. Funny, this doesn't make the headlines.

  2. George Soros says:

    Do you know that The total world derivatives market has been estimated at about $791 trillion face or nominal value, 11 times the size of the entire world economy.

  3. Ivy says:

    Bill gates still rules!

    -ivy, dvdprods.com