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3D panoramic display – Twister


Twister 3dA first look makes us think it is some kind of a teleportation device, stripped right out of a Hollywood movie. TWISTER is being hailed as the “world’s first full-color 360-degree 3D display that does not require viewers to wear special glasses”. It is an acronym for Telexistence Wide-angle Immersive STEReoscope. Within the cylindrical, rotating device, there exists some 50,000 LEDs that give off the illusion of a three-dimensional object without requiring any other oculus gear.


As the display rotates around the observer’s head at a speed of 1.6 revolutions per second, these specially arranged LED columns show a slightly different image to each of the observer’s eyes, thus creating the illusion of a 3D image. TWISTER tricks the eye by exploiting what is known as “binocular parallax” — the apparent difference in position of an object as seen separately by the left eye and the right eye.

Via PinkTentacle

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  2. Definitely one of the better posts that I have seen on this topic. Can you suggest some other resources that complement what you have written?