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88 Animated GIFs for Mobiles


88 Animated GIFs for spicing up your mobile. All GIFs are 176×220 px and the RAR package is 7.80 mb, which can be downloaded from Rapidshare :


ALT : http://www.sendspace.com/file/0u6ftg

Password : www.fullandfree.info

Sample Image

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11 responses to “88 Animated GIFs for Mobiles”

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  2. Reece George says:

    Hey there, I recently found your site on google whilst I was searching for a story. very good blog as an aside. Its a good job I located you and i will check back on your website when i get the time. Subscribed to your feed.

  3. sohail says:

    here is working for my side 😀

  4. rishabh says:

    what the fucking joke????

  5. ian says:

    whats the point in offering a file withouth the fucking password

  6. rob says:

    and the password is???

  7. pkk says:

    Password is missing… mg

  8. thinkdj says:

    Hi link checker,

    I think that happend coz the browser seems to change the x between 176×220 to html char..

    Try copy pasting the link and hit enter.. then change the %…% between 176 and 220 to x and hit enter,, that should work

    Anyways, it's hyperlinked now. It should work

  9. LinkChecker says:

    Link is broken.


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