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A YouTube enabled phone ?


lg-nyx-8.jpg LG is getting set to release a new Prada-esque keypad-less phone, with its hereto unheard of KU990 model recently landing in the hands of the folks at Clipset.net. Apparently, this is one of the forthcoming YouTube-enabled handsets recently mentioned by the company, meaning that it’ll not only be able to play YouTube videos but let users submit videos to the site straight from the phone as well. Otherwise, the phone’s big selling points are its ample lg-nyx-21.jpg5-megapixel camera and HSDPA connectivity, not to mention its sizeable 3-inch touchscreen. Rounding out the specs, you’ll get a built-in FM radio, MP3 player, microSD card slot, and an array of pre-loaded applications, including the Muvee video editing app. No word on pricing or availability, though it certainly doesn’t seem like it’s all that far off. Visit link below for more pics and a video showing off the phone from every angle.

Via : SlashPhone

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One response to “A YouTube enabled phone ?”

  1. avm says:

    Cant iphones play youtube videos?

    i heard apple in conn. wid youtube already made it possible(but wid som limitations:-?