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Affordable Web Hosting – Imhosted


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IMHOSTED offers affordable web hosting solutions for those who do not want any compromise on top notch features. IMHOSTED offers premium features like 2TB storage, 20TB mo transfers etc. that are usually present only on Premium Web hosting plans and other first class web hosts.

IMHOSTED has an unmatched reputation for reliability and leading customer service. Help is on your way 24/7 via chat support or phone.

The starter account features a Disk Space of 2.5 Terrabytes (With RAID Storage Protection) and Data Transfer of 20 TB with the ability to Host UNLIMITED websites/domains on your hosting account (on GOLD). All this for just $6.95 /month..

If you wish to make some bucks reselling, imhosted has a perfect reseller plan for you. Reseller Web Hosting includes feature like
# 25 GB Web Hosting Space
# 4 TB Bandwidth Traffic
# Host UNLIMITED Domains!
# Host all Domains on 1 Big Account
# Create/Suspend Accounts
# 20+ Control Panel Themes CP demo
for just 30$/month…

Other Common features (for all hosting plans) include cPanel + Fantastico, 24/7 Live Chat Support, 24/7 Phone Support, e-commerce hosting features, free website builder and also a free setup (no setup fee).

IMHOSTED also has a reliable 99.998% Uptime track record till date. Features like PHP Cache Engine, web content accelerator, Unlimited CPU usage, Definable MIME Types, definable CRON jobs, Anonymous FTP Server, easy upgrade/downgrade options, Hotlink Protection Scripts etc. are also available to all clients; They also provide Mission Critical Java and JSP Web Hosting service. All of ImHosted’s advanced plans are hosted on IBM’s Dual Xeon servers and are therefore limited to a select number of sites per sever which gives your website more scalability and no downtime or timewaits.

What’s more ? you can try out the service RISK-FREE for 30 days! So, if you’re looking for an affordable web hosting service, look no further..

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5 responses to “Affordable Web Hosting – Imhosted”

  1. Caramoan  says:

    the best webhosting provider should also provide 24 hour support and 99.99% uptime-*-

  2. Martin says:

    I love browsing your site because you guys usually give us great pieces of informationSupreme blog post… Thanks for sharing once again. I have already add this blog to my faves. I am planning to subscribe to the blog feed too. I intrigued by new technology!!!

  3. Jayden Scott says:

    i always look for reviews about my webhosting server, if they have great review then i choose them";-

  4. Emma Johnson says:

    there are many webhosting companies these days and most of them are overselling their products.,`

  5. Does anyone know of a cheap but reliable web hosting company?:’`


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We're on Hostgator and are extremely happy with the service. Never down, cheap and powerful servers!
Use coupon BLOGULATE994 and get 9.94$ flat off from any hosting package of your choice!

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