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Alexa Redirect Breakdown

Protect your eyes !

The requested URL /redirect was not found on this server.

This is what comes when an Alexa Redirect URL is clicked, which is prefixed with ” http://redirect.alexa.com/redirect? “. It was working fine until yesterday .. damn !

There are bloggers who use the “alexa redirect” plugin for WordPress. They need to deactivate it. There are other less unfortunate ones who have hardcoded http://redirect.alexa.com/redirect? to the theme’s links. They’d have to mod the entire code again.

What is more fascinating is that Alexa has never said the redirect would have any effect on the Alexa ranking. It is not even mentioned anywhere at Alexa.com. Geoffrey Mack, The Project Manager at Alexa has quoted :

…The redirect doesn’t do anything to your rank. The rank is based on one thing only: logs from toolbar usage. I should know, I am the product manager at Alexa….”

Still, bloggers use the Alexa redirect with a hope to boost up their alexa rankings.

Either Alexa has taken off the redirect [Excessively High load on their servers due to the unprecedented redirection from the blogosphere? But, would they do that without a prior notice ? ] or they are updating the redirect service.. Let’s wait and see..

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30 responses to “Alexa Redirect Breakdown”

  1. awesome post….cleared my doubts

  2. clickondeals says:

    so, if redirects do not work, how is alexa able to measure the actual traffic of a site? could anyone lighten us a bit more on this (a more official answer is for sure more appreciated πŸ™‚ )

  3. Binil says:

    What are the other methods to increase your alexa rating?

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  5. Alexa redirects still do not work. Has this service been taking offline permanently?

  6. Jelbee says:

    So what is the alternative? The redirect does not work anymore.

  7. Geraldine says:

    I believe Google has something to do with the Alexa redirect link. Google is a heavy hitter on the net, and they push their weight around as much as they can. Just like all the constant changes to their algorithms, which they say is to make everything fair for everyone. But in reality, the only reason they keep changing things is to suit their advertisers, and their own adwords and adsense. It is all about MONEY for Google. And they want ALL of it. Luckily I have found a software program that does help, at least to automate the process of getting a better rank.

  8. Hello Guys is there any way came out for the alexa redirection ?

  9. Steve says:

    Fuck you Alexa for breaking our sites!! You stupid bitches!

  10. jimmypage says:

    Is Alexa has put an end to it ? All my redirect links are now broken.

  11. Nick28 says:

    I wonder why Asian Websites are so popular for Alexa Rank!?

  12. Alexa is tweaking site , Hope redirect will effect in future.

  13. Exiles says:

    To bad.. I just thinking about doing it for my site.. πŸ™

  14. techsw says:

    @Fape….It never worked and not just rite now..even before..Check New alexa redirect link for more details.

  15. I had read that Alexa Redirection can work in great way to improve your Alexa rank.But now as redirection is not working, is there any other proven method to improve Alexa rank for your website, except Toolbar.

    My Alexa ranking is going down, despite my improvement in SERP in google.

  16. name says:

    I like it so much,

  17. Jeff Powers says:

    Alot of great comments and tips here!I can really learn alot from these suggestions and hope that i can contribute as well.keep up the good work

  18. Johny C says:

    very true dear, I chucked that plugin … its of no use if you dont use default theme of wordpress…

  19. Its still not working, I guess they have completly stopped their redirect service. πŸ™

  20. RATNADEEP says:



  21. Kirkorov says:

    It something terrible. Alexa are you hear me?

  22. Kirkorov says:

    Alexa ask me and I help you. May be they do something that not work.

  23. Kirkorov says:

    Alexa ask me and I help you. May be they do not support redirect link.

  24. jb says:

    I think Alexa has turned off this feature on purpose because they realized that too many people are using it instead of their toolbar. My site sees a dramatic increase when the redirect is used. It is hard to get people to install the toolbar, especially when it is detected by spyware detecting programs. To sum it up, Alexa sucks. Redirect only works in the evenings. for some reason it is turned off in the mornings. Oh yeah, Alexa says that they do not support their redirect link.

  25. Frederick says:

    Everything Alexa does for traffic rankings is questionable. It's a disproportionate sample of the population… it has privacy implications in that it is tracking what sites are visited… it is unreliable in that placing a widget linking to them can inflate your rank…

    Don't rely on Alexa for anything – and that includes redirects.

  26. Fape says:

    Exactly! Alexa redirect it's not working right now, more information here.

  27. thinkdj says:

    that IS bad news..

    So, did u fix em ? It wasnt very nice of alexa to take it off w/o prior notice

  28. aw says:

    OMG, many of my links are in a Flash Application -_-

    what bad news!