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All in one web development suite for Windows


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Web.Developer Server Suite is an all in one developer suite for Windows. It is an open-source WAMP-based [Windows, Apache, MySQL, PHP] Web-server distribution for Windows that is fully configured and ready to run. Create, test, publish, and maintain your Website in-house, on your local system, where you are in absolute control. No more time delays for uploading files onto a server and running it.

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Features include :


  • Apache 2.2 HTTP Server
  • MySQL 5.0 Database
  • PHP 5.2 and Perl 5.8 Scripting Languages
  • GUI WAMP-stack Controller
  • Dynamic DNS Service

Pre-installed Frameworks

  • Joomla – Content Management system
  • Drupal – Content Management system
  • WordPress – Blogging software
  • MediaWiki -wiki
  • phpBB,SMF – Forum


  • Tomcat Servlet/JSP Container
  • mod_aspdotnet ASP.NET Host Interface
  • OpenSSL Cryptography Toolkit
  • mod_security Web Application Firewall
  • phpMyAdmin MySQL Administration

Web-Developer Suite for Windows Screenshot
Web-Developer Controller

GET IT NOW – wdsetup-v1.95.exe 29.9MB

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