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Alternative to Yahoo! photos


yahoo_closing.jpgYahoo will close down Yahoo Photos within the next 2 months, in favor of Flickr, the competing photo sharing site the company bought about two years ago. But Brad Garlinghouse, SVP of Yahoo, admits that Flickr isn’t the right sharing site for many users of Yahoo Photos, so people will be given the option to instead move pictures to Shutterfly or the Kodak Gallery.

homepage_sendprints_usa.jpgI came across SnapGalaxy, which is taking advantage of the scenario. As a promotion, they are offering all the Yahoo! customers 25 free prints upon successful photo transfer from Yahoo photos account, 10 free prints to all new users and 20 free 4×6 prints as a referral bonus for each friend.

They have fulfillment enters in India & USA and a tie with DTDC to deliver the prints reliably on-time in India. That is great news for us Indians. Recipients in India and USA do have local low-rate shipping options available.. Check out SnapGalax today !

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4 responses to “Alternative to Yahoo! photos”

  1. This is often a excellent blog. I have been back several times over the past week and want to register for your rss using Google but cannot work out how to do it exactly. Do you know of any sort of tutorials?

  2. Gina Sims says:

    I hope everything you say is true.

  3. aSKer says:

    yea nice resource πŸ˜€

  4. Will check it out.
    I don’t have much on flickr. Or, Yahoo! Photos, for that matter.

    Anyways, will take a look at SnapGalaxy for my free 25 prints πŸ˜€


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