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Application for Regional Leader for Mozilla Campus Reps open



PS : This is for existing Mozilla / Firefox Campus Reps only

Are you a Mozilla Campus Rep ? Applications for the Regional Leaders programs are to be due soon. There are several exciting discussions on the Campus Reps Network. And keep reading to see how you can win a prize!

You can still apply to be a Regional Leader for the upcoming year. Applications are due at 5pm EST on Wednesday, June 17th. See the application link below for more information.
Apply to be a Regional Leader: http://bit.ly/mozcampus_regional_leader_application

There are also prizes for two lucky winners

Win a prize
Because we’re so excited about the Campus Reps Network, we’re giving away some prizes! All you have to do is be registered on the Campus Reps Network and join your regional group on the Groups page by Friday, June 19th for a chance to win.

We’re giving away one Mozilla / Firefox t-shirt and a 15″ laptop skin from Infectious. We’ll select the winners from a random drawing of all qualified Reps.

That’s it for now. Enjoy the rest of your week!


Jay and William

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2 responses to “Application for Regional Leader for Mozilla Campus Reps open”

  1. Great site, where did you come up with the information in this blog post? Im glad I found it though, ill be checking back soon to see what other articles you have.