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Avoid Paying Fines in NFS MW

prevent paying fees on being busted

BUSTED ? Dont wanna spend money on your bail ? And lets not forget the limited Impounds.. Avoid paying fines when you get Busted in NFS MW

XBOX 360
When it comes to the cut seen and your getting busted (yeah, that cop draggin you down) press LEFT TRIGGER, RIGHT TRIGGER, BLACK, WHITE and it will take you back to where your game just started loading after it says X-box at the start. This cheat is helpful when you have got no money left as it stops you from paying a fine or getting your car impounded.

Hit  ALT + F4 to close the game 😀 You’ll loose all your bounty and milestones on the current pursuit, but you can do away with paying the fine..

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7 responses to “Avoid Paying Fines in NFS MW”

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  5. spazoo says:

    cool thanks

  6. stupid says:

    stupid site, stupid commants but great game you mfers

  7. ian vonguard says:

    the PC trick is so simple. i wish i had thought of that a year ago 😀 most modern day games disable the alt-fn4 keys and even the windows and properties keys..


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