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Be the first to try latest Firefox Add-ons


Want to try out new Firefox Add-ons before anyone else gets to see them?  Are you great at beta-testing and providing feedback?  You might be the perfect person to become an “Add-on Editor“. Here is a message from Rey Bango, the Add-ons manager at Mozilla:

firefox 3 modern logo

“An important part of the success of Mozilla Firefox is it’s ability to customize the web experience using Firefox add-ons. Mozilla is in need of experts in web technologies such as JavaScript, HTML&  CSS to help in reviewing newly submitted add-ons to AMO, Mozilla’s central hub for add-ons. AMO Editors assist in:

  • Reviewing new and updated add-ons to ensure that Mozilla users have a great experience
  • Working with developers to improve their add-ons through advice and code suggestions
  • Helping Mozilla to develop guidelines to streamline the review process

The role is both challenging and rewarding as you get the opportunity to evaluate the work of top-notch developers from throughout the world and determine how to improve their efforts. If you’d like to contribute to the Mozilla project and gain valuable knowledge&  experience in the process please apply to become a AMO editor here: https://wiki.mozilla.org/Update:Editors/Applying

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