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Outpost Firewall Pro 2008


The successor to Outpost Firewall Pro 4.0 (which made an awesome Firewall, by the way) is out.


IMHO, Outpost is one of the BEST firewall solutions for Windows. Outpost comes out with flying colors when benchmarked wtih any other firewall in the industry. It has an automatic config mode for users and a highly advanced cfg. mode for advanced users. It is very low on system resources and hence amazingly fast.

New features include :

  • Full Vista and 64-bit platform support
  • IPv6 support
  • Granular web control
  • Improved appearance and accessibility
  • Auto-learning mode
  • Very low resource consumption **
  • Improved Host Protection

Download free trial OutpostPRO Firewall for Windows

 Other features include

Safety on the Internet
The two-way firewall stops inappropriate or malicious access to your computer from both internal (LAN) and external (Internet) sources. As a frontline defense, it prevents malware from spreading or “phoning home”, providing protection against hackers, loss of personal data, unknown malware, and unauthorized program activity.

Preemptive threat protection
Outpost’s Host Protection module monitors how programs interact to protect your system against high-level security breaches and has passed all well-known leaktests to prevent unauthorized transmission of information from your PC.

No more spyware!
Eliminate spyware with Outpost’s dedicated antispyware utility. Regular updates and always-on monitoring ensure that spyware cannot activate and cause damage to your data or divert your applications.

Secure web surfing
The versatile Web Control module safeguards you against the Internet’s darker side. It steers you away from websites infected with drive-by downloads, prevents the inadvertent disclosure of personal information, limits your exposure to potentially unsafe web properties, and keeps your identity private.

Bulletproof self-defense
Outpost cannot be deactivated by targeted attacks, ensuring continuity of protection.

Power without complexity
Whether you’re a security novice or expert, you can easily configure Outpost Firewall Pro to meet your needs. Thanks to automated and context-sensitive help, the firewall can learn how to handle alerts and make decisions for you, so you can focus on what you want to do, and leave the security to Outpost!
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5 responses to “Outpost Firewall Pro 2008”

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  3. thinkdj says:


    doesnt Zonealarm hog the resources ? I found it a bit slow and shifted to Outpost

  4. I used to be on this. Even the free version delivered decent performance. I had to uninstall, 'cause I thought it was hogging my ram. Now, I'm on zonealarm, the free version.


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