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Samsung’s 70-inch Ultra Definition 3D TV

In 2008, we had posted of Samsung releasing an 82" LCD TV. It's 2010 and it looks like Samsung is still inovating. This time it's 70" full Ultra HD 3D TV. It's the world's first and largest 3D Ultra Definition (UD) TV. FEATURES: 70 inches diagonally Uses oxide semiconductor ...

Nokia N900 Specifications

The new Nokia N900 is a slider smartphone (Or a mobile computer as Nokia says it), with a Full QWERTY keyboard. It has a 3.5-inch WVGA touchscreen display screen, HSPA and WiFi, 32GB of storage (which is expandable to 48GB via microSD card), a 5 megapixel ...

White iPhone 4 still unavailable

Originally, it was speculated that the white iPhone4 would be available from the 30th of July 2010, but it looks as that won't be happening. In an official statement from Apple's website, the company has provided no further info on when it aims to roll ...

Sharp FX with AT&T’s Mobile TV

Sharp FX is quite a 'texter' phone: primarily to send SMS and emails, in addition to voice calls. You can also watch Mobile TV on this sub $100 Smartphone. Features: Full touchscreen Plus a slide-out QWERTY keyboard 3-inch touchscreen - 400 x 240 pixel resolution 3.5G and GPS 80 MB of ...

10-inch USB monitor from Mimo (iMo Monster)

The 10-inch iMo Monster is rather aptly named, with it offering 10 full inches of touchscreen real estate with a native 1,024 x 600 resolution and would be an ideal display cum Input device. Screen Size: 10 inches Native Resolution: 1024 x 600 Weight: 1.77 Pounds Connectivity: USB 2.0 Power: Drawn ...

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