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Gamefront.com’s Game Patches List: Feb 2012

Here's a compiled list of the Game Patches released in Feb 2012 (via Gamefront.com) King Arthur II v1.105 to v1.106 Patch This patch will update King Arthur 2 from version 1.105 to version 1.106. http://www.gamefront.com/files/21378970/kingarthurii_patch_from_v1105_to_v1106.zip Gary Grigsby's War in the East v1.06.04 Patch This is the comprehensive 1.06.04 update for the ...

Gears of War 3 Beta Preview

Microsoft had released details for the much anticipated Gears of War 3 Beta last month. Those of you who didn’t get Bulletstorm Epic Edition, you can pre-ordering Gears of War 3 from selected retailers. Originally due for release in April 2011, the game was delayed and ...

The Success of Angry Birds

Yes, Angry Birds is the best selling iOS game ever. It's more than just a game. It's a phenomenon. It was the highest grossing single iPhone app in 2010. But game developers Rovio studios has been making games for over 8 years now and this was ...

Latest PS3 3.56 firmware hacked and jailbroken

Latest PS3 3.56 firmware has been hacked and jailbroken in less than a day after it was officially released. The 3.56 firmware update adds a security patch and it features a new encryption key that is capable of wiping out all current homebrewd functionality of your ...

Gran Turismo 5 releasing very soon

Sony Computer Entertainment America and Europe have both confirmed that Gran Turismo 5 will go on sale (North America and Europe) on the new release date of Wednesday, November 24th 2010. For Australia and Japan, the release will follow a day later on Nov 25th, 2010. In ...

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