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25 Hottest Indian Web Companies

Top 25 Hottest Indian Web Companies, as compiled by AppAppeal.com, a Web-based application review site. Sites in the list : bharatstudent.com - social network bigadda.com - Indian youth networking site bixee.com - jobs search engine burrp.com - local business reviews chikka.com - web based text messenger corners.in - social network applications faayda.com ...

3 new paypal features added

Check out the enhanced PayPal website including customized content, easier and quicker navigation, and a new improved look. Here are some of the new features you will see: Improved content. PayPal has tailored the content and help pages on the new website to allow you ...

Humorous Website Warnings

I stumbled upon this humorous post on RustyLime today. Website warning labels that Mikey likes to see.. Lots more Website Warnings of MySpace, Digg, MS Internet Explorer, Stumble Upon, YouTube etc can be found over at RustyLime. Really creative and 'true' warnings.. Have a look.

An Anti ‘Anti-piracy Ad’ ad ?

It's an advertisement ridiculing the anti-piracy ads and measures taken that gives the people actually buying authentic software and movies a pain in the ass. So, what would this be ? An anti-anti-piracy ad, right ? Anyway, the ad is quite amusing.

Now, ancient Rome on Google Earth ?

Obviously, there were no satellites for google earth to snap pictures of Rome two millennia ago. But that hasn't stopped Google from giving Web surfers a bird's eye view of ancient Rome. Google Earth has added to it, a 3-D simulation that reconstructs nearly 6500 buildings of ...

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