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Google wins over Perfect 10’s copyright infringement case

Adult magazine Perfect 10 earlier filed a copyright infringement claim against Google alleging that Google was crawling the Perfect10.com website and created thumbnails of copyrighted images that were later displayed in Google Image search results. Google did store the thumbnails but argued that image thumbnails were ...

Rapidshare’s Capacity

As of Dec 2007 : 190 Gigabit/s of Internet connectivity 4 Petabytes of storage 10 Gigabit Port dedicated for german users PS : rapidshare keeps upgrading storage and bandwidth

South Park to be made available online

MTV Networks has announced that they are now going to make available each and every clip from their animated comedy “South Park” series available online. They plan to make it available online sometime starting next year. MTV Networks Chairman and Chief Executive Judy McGrath spoke on this ...

Google’s experimental Search

Google's Experimental search clone's digg's rating style. This experiment lets you influence your search experience by adding, moving, and removing search results. When you search for the same keywords again, you'll continue to see ...

10 Most popular sites in the USA in 2007

According to Alexa: 1. Yahoo! 2. Google 3. Myspace 4. Youtube 5. Facebook 6. MSN 7. Ebay 8. Windows Live 9. Wikipedia 10. Craigslist According to Quantcast: 1. Yahoo! 2. Google 3. AOL 4. MSN 5. Myspace 6. Ebay 7. Mapquest 8. Microsoft 9. Windows Live 10. Amazon According to Nielsen NetRatings: 1. Google 2. Yahoo! 3. Microsoft 4. MSN/Windows Live 5. AOL 6. Fox Interactive Media (Myspace, Photobucket) 7. Ebay 8. Youtube 9. ...

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