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Yahoo! Emoticontest winners make it to Yahoo messenger 9

Well, It seems these new emoticons were created by Yahoo! messenger users who entered the Yahoo! Emoticontest held over the summer. Renata, a 31 year-old financial analyst living in Egypt, submitted the “thumbs up” emoticon which she says was inspired by the movie ...


Want to ping multiple sites when a new post is made on you blog ? PingOmatic is the answer. Ping-O-Matic is a service to update different search engines that your blog has updated.

Quick Internet speed test

Unlike the other speed tests out there that use 1Mb+ data as test samples, the BSNL calcutta bandwidth meter uses a 128K data test sample. As a result, you get accurate results , FAST. It calculates the bandwidth using Bandwidth=(128*8)Kbits/(endtime - starttime) sec CLICK HERE to check ...

Optimize CSS code online

CSS Superdouche This tool can significantly reduce the size and complexity of your CSS by programmatically stripping unneeded content, stripping redundant calls, and intelligently grouping the remaining element names. Just give the URL to your CSS file and choose some options. It removes the whitespaces but keeps the ...

Yoursishere.com – Holiday season is here

Get Celebrities to convince friends and family into getting that DELL gift you craved for this christmas. Choose a product from the available, choose a celeb to promote your wish, type in your name and improt addresses from your address book and finally, get the word out. ...

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