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Archive for ‘Internet’

Shawshank in a minute – Funny spoof

Oh man ! I saw this spoof on JibJab.. Shawshank being my all time favorite, prompted me to watch "Shawshank in a minute".. This video is for guys who have seen The Shawshank Redemption. Others wont find it so amusing ..

Yahoo vs Google

Susan Decker, Yahoo’s president, Terry Semel and Jerry Yang. By many measures, Yahoo remains one of the most successful companies on the Internet.It attracts nearly 500 million visitors around the world every month to its Web sites, where it offers a plethora of content and services, from ...

Threat to our freedom : Save the internet

"When I invented the Web, I didn't have to ask anyone's permission. Now, hundreds of millions of people are using it freely. I am worried that that is going end" - Sir Tim Berners Lee. Freedom on the internet is the best thing since the creation ...

Mozilla Firefox 3

Executives from the Mozilla Corporation have been outlining some of the changes being made in the forthcoming Firefox 3 (Minefield) browser. The browser has been in development for two years, and will have a completely redesigned graphics engine capable of handling much more intricate images, improving image ...

CD hole-art ?

Tired of those boring white stick able CD labels ? Check out these cool CD hole art labels..