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Mark Zuckerberg apologises over ads on Facebook

After complaints the site was invading privacy, Facebook changed Beacon (Recently launched social advert. system on Facebook) from an opt-out system to opt in. Mr Zuckerberg has said users can now switch off Beacon completely. In a statement posted on the Facebook blog, Mr Zuckerberg said: "We've ...

MySpace Hoax drove teen to suicide

Megan Meier, a Missouri teen , had committed suicide by hanging herself at age of 13 last year. Recently, her parents learned that the boy she'd been corresponding with on MySpace (the one who unexpectedly began calling her a fat slut and said "the ...

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Facebook Tops MySpace in the UK

The latest numbers from Nielsen NetRatings show that Facebook has now surpassed MySpace in the UK. For August, Facebook registered 6.5 million unique visitors versus 6.4 million for MySpace. For Facebook, that represents a whopping 541% jump since December. [ Via Mashable ]