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Enterprise Nube: Cloud based solutions for digital enterprise

Subshash Dhar, Ex-Infosys Council Member has gone ahead and started his own venture -  Enterprise Nube.  The key area EnterpriseNube focuses on would be 'digital enterprises' where the 'off-the-shelf' sachets or Nubes will come with innovative solutions to sieve through social media channels like Facebook, LinkedIn ...

Tumblr Continues Growth at a Phenomenal Rate

Tumblr, the social media network made up of millions of personal and business blogs, is seeing massive traffic growth. Activity and page impressions of Tumblr blogs rocketed over the first half of last year and reached around 1.7 billion page views in the month of August last ...

Facebook’s new “Buy with Friends” feature

Facebook is going to launch a new program "Buy with Friends" which will allow people to share purchases and deals with their Facebook friends according to Debra Liu, the Commerce Marketing Manager of FB. She'd announced this at the Inside Social Apps Conference conference. Probably, this is ...

PlentyOfFish Gets Hacked

Plentyoffish.com was hacked last week, and e-mails, usernames and passwords of some users were compromised - Plentyoffish CEO Markus Frind revealed in his blog post. Apparently, an Argentinian hacker got into the site's backend database through a security hole, which allowed him to gain access to ...

Paypal to change User Agreement for Indians, again.

As part of our commitment to provide a high level of customer service, we would like to give you a 30-day advance notice on changes to our user agreement for India. With effect from 1 March 2011, you are required to comply with the requirements set out ...

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