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Cityville beats Farmville on Facebook

When Cityville was released, it got over 60,000 users within the first 20 days. As of today, Farmville has a total user count of 13,357,004 and Cityville has raced it with 16,778,004 online users. The sudden popularity of Cityville could be attributed to the fact that developers ...

Cityville Is Zynga’s Fastest Growing Game

Cityville - Zynga's latest game managed to grab 300, 000 players in the first 24 hours of its launch! Cityville is now officially the fastest growing game to come out from Zynga's stables. Zynga's earlier hit - Farmville, took 46 days to reach 6 million users. ...

Facebook Profiles: A New Look

Facebook has begun to provide an option [ Change it from here ] to upgrade your FB profile to the new look. Have a look at the features before upgrading as there is no option to revert it back to the old profile once you've changed ...

Facebook Messages is here. Email. Text. Chat.

The speculation behind Project Titan was right. Facebook has made it official. Get ready for your own @facebook.com address. So what's special with Facebook Messages? It incorporates email, FB messages, SMS, other chat clients, all in one place. So, instead of having some chats in one chat ...

Project Titan: Facebook’s Gmail Killer?

A rumor has been passing around that Facebook is all set to release a web based email client (Project Titan) the coming Monday (Nov 15,2010) at their "Web 2.0 Summit" The Facebook Web 2.0 Summit would be held at St. Regis Yerba Buena Terrace, 125 3rd Street, ...

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