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Archive for ‘Productivity’

Distinguishing fraudulent e-mails

Checked out my spam folder today and an email from PayPal diverted my attention. OK, I've been receiving spam mails calming to be from PayPal, asking me to 'reset my password' even before I owned a PayPal account :D But this one was better than the ...

Combating spam with your Gmail ID

Did you know that Gmail doesn’t recognize dots (.) as characters within a username ? This means th1nk.dj[at]gmail.com is the same as th1nkdj[at]gmail.com for Gmail servers. OK, Great .. Now how's that useful for me ?

Tweaks for an optimal surfing experience

Ok, so how many of you have taken a broadband connection and curse your ISP that it isnt delivering the kbps it promised ? Did you know that our OS and even the browsers are optimized for Dial-up connections by default ? Here are some tweaks that will ...