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Disable Facebook’s Automatic Facial Recognition

There's one thing pesky about Facebook. Every time they come out with a new feature, it's 'enabled' by default. It's not always an opt-in. The latest one is FB automatically suggesting your friends on tagging your photos by their new facial-recognition feature. How to turn off ...

Create Synchronized backup folders on USB Drives or External HDDs

If you're looking for a ultra-simple way to keep a backup of some important folders on your Windows system on a more reliable storage media, MS has a small utility - SyncToy - which can do this for you. SyncToy 2.1 is a free application that synchronizes ...

Find out who Unfriended you on Facebook

Who Deleted Me is Facebook app that, according to its author - does something which is largely agreed that Facebook itself should do: letting you know who has unfriended or deleted you. It is a known fact that Facebook doesn’t allow users to check who viewed ...

Six Killer Tips for Amazing Gmail Productivity

Most of us use Gmail. So, here are a few tips that will definitely boost your Gmail productivity (if you haven't done them already) Displaying only Unread mails in your Inbox Your unread mails might be scattered across multiple pages. Here's a way to display all the unread ...

Four Reasons why you MUST Switch to LastPass

LastPass would no doubt be the best discovery I've made in 2010 (thankyou, @sayseed). For those of you who have no clue what LastPass is, it's a free cloud based password manager addon for your browser (and OS and smartphone) ...

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