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Tips and Tricks

Google Earth’s easter egg

GOOG is trying to outrun MS in a number of spheres.. but gaming ? It seems that Google Earth has a hidden flight simulator in it. To access this hidden feature, open Google Earth and hit Ctrl+Alt+A [Capital A] or Command+Option+A for a mac. The Flight Sim comes ...

Prevent applications from stealing window focus

One 'feature' of XP is the ability of one application to steal the focus from another. This is the reason why your chat window looses focus when someone else buzzes you on Yahoo! messenger. [That's still ok.. Imagine playing NFS MostWanted when your antivirus alerts you ...

Skinning Yahoo! Messenger

Well, it's worth it.. You can do away with the monotony.. Celadon Cool shades of jade and turquoise. Download Bronze Earth tones with an orangy flavor (I like this one. It's the one on the right). Download Pink By popular demand. (really ?) Download Gray/Orange Steel with bold orange accents. Download # More unofficial skins ...

rand() – Insert dummy text in word

There exists many myths on the rand 'virus'. Some consider it to be an Easter Egg. The truth is, it is just an un-documented MS Word function to insert dummy text The Microsoft Knowledge Base article How to Insert Sample Text into a Document in Word ...

How NOT to fight spam with Gmail

This is in response to the Fighting spam with Gmail post... Kurt Wismer [anti-virus rants] has a point there. Check out his post on how NOT to fight spam with gmail. Anyways, the filtering using (.) method can still be used to categorize your incoming mails :D ...

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