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Tips and Tricks

Firefox shows two titlebars after update

For some users, updating their Firefox to the latest version brings two titlebars. Here's a quick and simple way to fix it. Goto View > Toolbars > Menu Bar  (Check and uncheck it if it's already checked) That's it.

Stop Firefox from automatically Scanning for Viruses

Firefox automatically starts a scan for viruses whenever a download completes. It can get annoying when we download images or less malicious files from trusted sites, when you have to wait for a few seconds to do an action via the download modal. Here's how you ...

Lightning Fast Browsing Trick For Firefox and IE

From the archives: An old video I'd made. How to speed up your Firefox and IE(heh) for an optimal surfing experience.

How to remove WGA Notifications in Windows

If you updated your windows, chances are that you'll have the Windows Genuine Advantage Notifications Tool installed. The WGA notification tool connects to MS servers every time you boot to check the legitimacy of your copy of windows. Download this tool here or check out MyDigitalLife, which ...

Disable Animations to Make Firefox perform Faster

Firefox 4 and above comes with this brilliant feature of Grouping Tabs (Panorama) and tried once, people will definitely start using it routinely. It comes real handy to folks who have tens of tabs open all the time. The only problem are the animations. Restoring/jumping to tabs ...