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Tips and Tricks

Disabling Firefox’s Offline Mode

Sometimes Firefox automatically switches to "Offline Mode" [Work Offline Mode] on trivial issues like a router reboot or a temporary DNS Error. The trouble is, FF fails to come back out of it even after the problem is resolved after a few minutes. In Firefox's addressbar type ...

How to Change Default Search in Firefox

My new laptop came with "AVG Secure Search" as the default engine and it was pretty annoying. Typing a query in the addressbar and hitting enter would throw up AVG's SERP. Here's how to change it: Changing default Search Engine In firefox's addressbar, type about:config In the filter bar, ...

Securely browse Gmail and Facebook

Browsing via HTTPS (HyperText Transport Protocol - Secure) combines the normal HTTP with SSL/TLS protocol and provides encrypted communications between the host (webserver) and the client(your PC). The advantage of using HTTPS is that no-one can sniff/snoop the data packets and eavesdrop on the data as ...

Disable Facebook’s Automatic Facial Recognition

There's one thing pesky about Facebook. Every time they come out with a new feature, it's 'enabled' by default. It's not always an opt-in. The latest one is FB automatically suggesting your friends on tagging your photos by their new facial-recognition feature. How to turn off ...

Find out who Unfriended you on Facebook

Who Deleted Me is Facebook app that, according to its author - does something which is largely agreed that Facebook itself should do: letting you know who has unfriended or deleted you. It is a known fact that Facebook doesn’t allow users to check who viewed ...

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