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Disabling Facebook’s Theater Mode for Albums

Facebook rolled out the 'Theater Mode', a fullscreen lightbox-like jQuery photo viewer for displaying photos and albums a while back. This was not taken well with the community. Here are a few ways to override the theater mode and display the album in old-school Facebook style: The ...

Facebook Keyboard Shortcuts

Here is a compiled list of available shortcuts for Facebook Power Users. The shortcuts differ slightly for Firefox, Internet Explorer and Chrome. Facebook Keyboard Shortcuts for Firefox Shift+Alt+1: Facebook's homepage Shift+Alt+2: Your Facebook profile page Shift+Alt+3: Friend requests Shift+Alt+4: Messages Shift+Alt+5: Notifications Shift+Alt+6: Account page Shift+Alt+7: Privacy settings Shift+Alt+8: Facebook's page on Facebook Shift+Alt+9: Facebook Terms ...

Get extra 512MB free in Dropbox

If you aren't aware, Dropbox is a simple and powerful online file storage service that lets you backup, restore and sync data across multiple platforms and lets you share your data with friends. By default, you have 2 GB of space at your disposal. Here ...

Unable to upload new background image on Twitter?

Have you been trying to change your twitter background and have been geting the "There was a problem saving your profile customisation" error? Twitter saves all the options (from all the tabs in the settings page) at one go. If there has been an error in any ...

Hide files inside JPEG Images and videos

Got to know of this handy utility for Windows called OmniHide. It basically allows you to hide files within other files. I have tried it to: Hide files inside avi video file Hide files inside pdf document Hide files inside jpeg, png image files Hide files inside mp3 music ...

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