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Tips and Tricks

Easy to remember DNS servers

There are days when your DNS servers go bad and makes you wait for many a seconds before the domain-name to IP conversion takes place. Here are some alternative DNS server IP addresse, just in case your DNS servers fail and you urgently need to ...

Disabling Windows Security Center Alerts in XP

If you're running Windows XP Service Pack 2 (SP2) Windows Security Center should tell you the status of your antivirus software, firewall, and automatic updates. Security Center will alert you if your antivirus is out of date or turned off, firewall is turned off, or if ...

Shutdown Windows XP faster

It gets on one's nerve when you have to wait for minutes for XP to shutdown, when it takes lesser time for a boot. The reason that the shutdown times increase over the days is due to the services and applications that keep increasing as you install ...

How to disable ATI Catalyst Control Center from context menu in windows

Ever since I installed this updated version of ATI Catalyst Display drivers, i have been plagued by this terrible menace. The "ATI Catalyst Control Center" is the first item that pops up on my context menu. This can be really frustrating, especially for geeks who is ...

Open Multiple Yahoo! messengers

With just a small tweak, open infinite yahoo messenger accounts simultaneously..