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“Unknown wrote an interesting post today” trackback SPAM

Do you get many trackbacks that goes : unknown wrote an interesting post today on 'your_blog_post_title' Here’s a quick excerpt your_post_content here ......................................... ........ ..... Read the rest of this great post 'your_blog_post_link' Although these trackbacks looks harmless, they come from subdomains of cheap sites that are trying to boost ...

Remove Yahoo Messenger 9.0 ads

This simple patch removes all the adverts from Yahoo! Messenger 9 Beta Download Yahoo! Messenger 9.0 Beta Ad Remover  Updated : The earlier Rapidshare Link was reported to have a trojan ..  DO NOT DOWNLOAD http://rapidshare.com/files/68157650/Yahoo__Messenger_9_Beta_Ad_Remover.zip.html from other sites too .

Installing Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard on an IBM x86 – A Step by step Guide

The leaked file (DMG format) has a size 6.56GB, so you need a DVD9 to burn it. Although it can be installed in original Apple hardware directly. With some modifications, you may also try to run the OSX Leopard on an IBM x86 PC. Download the torrent Here ...

Make Mac OS X Leopard run on an x86 PC

Apple officially released their latest Mac OS X Leopard on the 26th of October. A hacked version of Leopard that works on the x86 IBM PC has been released just 2 days after apple's official release. Now, you don’t have to practically own a Mac to ...

Unlock the iPhone – simple tutorial

Head to http://iphone.unlock.no/ . They have all the info you need to unlock an iPhone easily. No need to disassemble your iPhone anymore, and also, no need to input commands manually.