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Tiger Woods PGA Tour 08 for MAC

System Requirements Mac OS X 10.4.9 or later 1.83GHz Intel Core Duo processor or higher 1GB of RAM ATI X1600, NVIDIA GeForce 7300 GT, or higher video card (Intel GMA950 chipset not supported) 2.7GB hard disk space 8X DVD-ROM drive Download DEMO [3Mb] for MAC

Burning MAC OS X Leopard onto a single layer DVD5

Rathalos has come up with this ingenious way to squeeze the original 6.55 GiB Leopard .dmg into a single layer DVD. I got this over at InsanelyMac forums. Here's a short and quick foolproof guide to making a SL-DVD leopard install disc for 9a559... And this ...

Mac OS X 10.4.9 AMD SSE3 delta update patch by Myzar

AMD SSE3 Delta Update with netkas 10.4.9 autofsb kernel for MAC OS x 10.4.9 File Size : 168.61 MiB Source Torrent Nvidia kexts aren't installed by default , they are in a separate package that you can install later. Device IDs that are supported : 0x004010de 0x00f010de 0x022010de 0x014010de 0x016010de 0x009010de 0x01d010de 0x039010de 0x029010de 0x02e010de 0x032610de 0x016710de 0x016110de 0x039110de 0x032210de 0x032210de 0x039210de 0x004110de 0x039110de 0x016710de 0x00c310de 0x01df10de 0x004510de 0x00F610de 0x032610de 0x02e010de 0x014010de 0x02e110de If your card in not listed ...

Mac OS X Leopard GM Final 9A581 Kernel Patch INTEL / AMD

Mac OS X Leopard GM Final 9A581 Kernel Patch INTEL / AMD Download link : http://rs180.rapidshare.com/files/65585759/OSx86_Socket_Source_Code_and_581_Kernel_Patcher.zip This kernel patch will allow you to run the newest leopard build (10.5 final / 9a581) on your IBM x86 based Intel or AMD PC.

Microsoft Windows media player for MAC

Flip4Mac provides Windows Media video and audio playback in the QuickTime Player for Mac OS X.  Although Microsoft will continue to offer Windows Media Player 9 as a free download for Macintosh users, it has no plans to provide future updates or product support for Windows ...