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Fetch Domain Information for current website in Firefox

IP Address and Domain Information is an addon for Firefox which allows you to fetch the domain information and a host of other information related to the current domain you're browsing. Domain/IP Information currently shown by the addon: Domain name information DMOZ open directory information HTML information (including HTML validation ...

How to remove WGA Notifications in Windows

If you updated your windows, chances are that you'll have the Windows Genuine Advantage Notifications Tool installed. The WGA notification tool connects to MS servers every time you boot to check the legitimacy of your copy of windows. Download this tool here or check out MyDigitalLife, which ...

Firefox’s global video challenge for aspiring filmmakers

Firefox Flicks is a global video challenge for aspiring filmmakers, animators and creatives from around the world. They will be required to produce and submit short films that'll promote and educate users about the issues that affect our online lives such as privacy and security, and also ...

Windows 8 Consumer Preview Available for Download

Microsoft Corp. announced the availability of the Windows 8 Consumer Preview on 29 Feb, 2012. It's a pre-release version of MS' latest OS on the block, Windows 8. Since it's a prerelease software, it may be substantially modified before it’s commercially released. Some Key Feature Updates in ...

Disable Animations to Make Firefox perform Faster

Firefox 4 and above comes with this brilliant feature of Grouping Tabs (Panorama) and tried once, people will definitely start using it routinely. It comes real handy to folks who have tens of tabs open all the time. The only problem are the animations. Restoring/jumping to tabs ...

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