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Splash PRO: The Best HD Video Player with GPU Acceleration

Came across 'Splash PRO' HD Video player today and I must say, it's a treat for movie lovers. Especially all you guys having a huge HD videos collection. Some Awesome Features of Splash HD Movie player: Uses GPU Acceleration, taking off load from the CPU Amazing features like Motion², ...

Slow Firefox Startup? Blame the addons

Addons are what add the charm to Firefox. But some addons might be slowing it down. Addons are initialized during startup and can hence increase Firefox's startup time considerately. Mozilla has published a list of addons that are known to slow down the load time. Funny, at ...

Prepare for Windows 8 – New UX, Ribbons and Metro

Windows 8 is the forthcoming version Microsoft Windows, expected for release in 2012. It will be built on the same kernel as Windows 7, the difference being a complete change from the User Interface/User Experience standpoint. The changes will be very dramatic, with some sources stating ...

Open Windows shifted to Right of Taskbar?

Does this look familiar? This just happened to me. The Open Windows on the Windows Taskbar shifted places and moved from left to the right. Also, it was so cramped and tiny. Here's how to fix it: Right click on the Taskbar and uncheck "Lock the Taskbar". Now ...

MailStore Home: Backup all your email accounts to your PC

MailStore Home is a backup utility for all your email accounts (web-based/POP3/IMAP). It works with both POP3 and IMAP protocols and also with web-based email services like Gmail or Yahoo! Mail which support the aforesaid protocols. MailStore supports multiple email clients like Outlook, Outlook Express, Thunderbird ...

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