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Mac App Store: A big hit right from Day 1

We'd posted earlier that Mac App store would be releasing soon. Well, it has and it's been a huge hit, even on Day 1. Mac OS X users have been very loyal, judging by the amazing response. Apple had announced that over a million apps were ...

Leaked Pictures of Ubuntu Powered Tablet

Giz China recently released some pics of an Ubuntu powered (Dual Boot with Windows 7) Tablet. GizChina reports that the Tablets are made by a Chinese company and is named "P07". GizChina reports that the device start-up was almost instant. Here are the technical specifications: 10-inch Capacitive ...

Winamp 5.6 is Out. Upgrade yours.

Good ol' Winamp. We started using it back in 1997 and it has come a very long way. Winamp became hugely popular because of its simplicity and quick loading times. And today, version 5.6 is out. Winamp 5 introduced a major design and experience change when compared ...

Mac App Store may launch on December 13th 2010

Having missed out crucial days like Thanksgiving, Black Friday and Cyber Monday, Apple is trying hard to launch the Mac App Store on 13th December 2010 ( although no one knows why the 13th :D )  Most Apps in the Store would be cheap - ...

Help make Firefox better: Become a Test Pilot

A Week In the Life of A Browser (v2) is a study will be running from October 2010 to October 2011 by Mozilla Labs. Once you decide to contribute browser statistics, it periodically collect data on the browser's basic performance for one week, running the same ...

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