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Open Multiple Yahoo! messengers

With just a small tweak, open infinite yahoo messenger accounts simultaneously..

Vista SP1 is due in the second half of 2007

After lots of wavering, Microsoft has finally made the due date for Windows Vista Service Pack 1 (SP1) official: The update will ship in the latter half of 2007. Microsoft didn't issue a press release with that pronouncement. Instead, it notified its Technology Adoption Partner testers ...

Batch download photos from flickr – Flickrdown

I was looking high and low for an option in flickr to download all the pics from my college group album, until I found none existed. However, there is a very nicely written .NET 2.0 application by Gregg Man called Flickrdown which lets you mass download photos ...

Prevent applications from stealing window focus

One 'feature' of XP is the ability of one application to steal the focus from another. This is the reason why your chat window looses focus when someone else buzzes you on Yahoo! messenger. [That's still ok.. Imagine playing NFS MostWanted when your antivirus alerts you ...

Grab your official WordPress tees

Hurray ! Wordpress has a new line of red official tees and also offers worldwide shipping. Earlier, non US citizens could not order the WP tees. The tees are high-quality, made by American Apparel, and are screen-printed. They feature a large "W" logo at the center. ...

We’re on Hostgator and we love it

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