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Leaked Pictures of Ubuntu Powered Tablet

Giz China recently released some pics of an Ubuntu powered (Dual Boot with Windows 7) Tablet. GizChina reports that the Tablets are made by a Chinese company and is named "P07". GizChina reports that the device start-up was almost instant. Here are the technical specifications: 10-inch Capacitive ...

Ubuntu 9.04 “The Jaunty Jackalope” due April 2009

Ubuntu 9.04 "The Jaunty Jackalope" on April 2009 The news comes as the project last week made available an advance testing version of its Linux distribution, Ubuntu 8.10, the "Intrepid Ibex," which is scheduled for release in late October. "As we approach the launch of Ubuntu 8.10, ...

Ubuntu 8.04 LTS,Hardy Heron is out

Ubuntu’s latest version, Hardy Heron was released last night. It features GNOME 2.22, a new version of the Nautilus file manager, Linux kernel 2.6.24, PolicyKit, Firefox 3 Beta 5, Brasero (A CD/DVD burning application), Transmission BitTorrent client, World Clock Applet, Vinagre remote desktop (VNC) client , Uncomplicated ...

Manually entering XP boot information onto Ubuntu GRUB

If you did not partition the existing windows hard drive for Ubuntu and disconnected the one with Windows installed during the installation and installed ubuntu on a separate hard disk, you will run into this boot problem of XP not showing up in the Linux boot ...

Simple Vi text editor tutorial

Found this simple Vi tutorial for the Vim text editor [Ubuntu/Linux] quite useful.. It covers everything from the basics like inserting text for noobs to advanced file manipulations using vi and customizations. You could also check out the developer, Bram Moolenaar's vim home page, where you can ...

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