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Skydomes for Beryl

Seamus7 over at QueerVisions have eight 4096x1024 PNG images for use as Skydomes on Beryl.. 1. Mystery Mountain 2. Cloudy Moon 3. Bucolic Beauty More at Compiz Fusion Skydomes 4096x1024 and Beryl-Project Forums

Tweak advanced Ubuntu configurations with Ubuntu Tweak

Ubuntu Tweak is an application designed to make Ubuntu config. easier for everyone. It provides many useful desktop and system options that aint provided by the default desktop environment. Features of Ubuntu Tweak: View Basic System Information (Distribution, Kernel, CPU, Memory, etc.) GNOME Session Control Show/Hide/Change Splash screen Show/Hide desktop ...

Configuration editor for ubuntu

i386 - download hereAMD64 - download here Download ubuntu tweak using wget http://ubuntu-tweak.googlecode.com/files/ubuntu-tweak_0.2.0-1_i386.deb Install this package using sudo dpkg -i ubuntu-tweak_0.2.0-1_i386.deb READ : Tweak advanced Ubuntu configurations with Ubuntu Tweak

Ubuntu Logo HD Wallpapers

AMD Catalyst Drivers for Linux 7.11 & Ubuntu 7.10

Latest ATI Linux Driver Brings Support for Ubuntu 7.10 - AMD Catalyst for Linux 7.11 A new version of the ATI/AMD Linux display driver was released last night for both x86 and x86_64 platforms. This release is a bit special, as it includes support for Ubuntu 7.10. Moreover, ...