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Archive for ‘Ubuntu’

The Ubuntu naming convention

Guess there is an alphabetical naming convention for Ubuntu releases. The very first two releases were named Warty Warthog and Hoary Hedgehog (remember ?). Then came Dapper Drake (6.06), the first long-time support release. Then, the Edgy Eft (6.10), followed by Feisty Fawn (7.04) and the ...

LAMP on Ubuntu – Installation Guide

Installing LAMP On Ubuntu For Newbies is a great Tutorial to install Apache + MySQL + PHP on an Ubuntu.  Level : Beginner / Newbie / N00b :D Source : Howtoforge.com View the tutorial. 

gOS – Google operating system

gOS is an Ubuntu-based distro that uses a heavily modified Enlightenment window manager. gOS 1.0.1 is a simple, user friendly, beautiful desktop for normal people. Gmail, Gtalk, Calendar, Maps, Docs and Spreadsheets, and more. They'd like to welcome us to the idea that Google already is your ...