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Android Jellybean Windows 7 Theme

Skin your Windows 7 to look like Android Jelly Bean. Skinpack has a slick new skin for Win7 that lets you theme your PC into an Android look. Google recently released v4.1 of its mobile OS with performance improvements and a much better intuitive UI (although a ...

Windows 8 Consumer Preview Available for Download

Microsoft Corp. announced the availability of the Windows 8 Consumer Preview on 29 Feb, 2012. It's a pre-release version of MS' latest OS on the block, Windows 8. Since it's a prerelease software, it may be substantially modified before it’s commercially released. Some Key Feature Updates in ...

Prepare for Windows 8 – New UX, Ribbons and Metro

Windows 8 is the forthcoming version Microsoft Windows, expected for release in 2012. It will be built on the same kernel as Windows 7, the difference being a complete change from the User Interface/User Experience standpoint. The changes will be very dramatic, with some sources stating ...

Six Versions of Windows 7

6 versions of 7. Yup.. Windows 7 would have six different versions. Customers would have to choose from Windows 7 Starter Edition, Windows 7 Home Basic Edition, Windows 7 Home Premium Edition, Windows 7 Professional Edition, Windows 7 Ultimate Edition, and Windows 7 Enterprise Edition. The Windows ...

GNU Compiler collection for Windows

GCC stands for GNU compiler collection. There are precompiled versions / binaries of the GCC for windows available here. Gcc for Windows (gcw) is yet another attempt to port gcc to Win32 platform. The major difference from MinGw and Cygwin is maximum possible acceptance of Microsoft ...

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