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Windows is a virus according to Apple.com

 Go to Apple's website and search for virus. This is what you get Well, it was working when I last checked apple.com, but it may be removed soon :D

WinStep Xtreme Black Aero XP theme for XP

Click for a high resolution Screenshot WinStep Xtreme is a free noir style XP theme. Extra fetures include a talking clock, a periodic mail Checker, a weather monitor and CPU, RAM and Internet meter. It comes with a great collection of Widgets and launchers. This will transform your XP into something ...

Vista sales slowly killing XP

XP is going down in the Windows market, in order to make room for Vista, although the last operating system to come out of Redmond has had a rough ride since the launch. Vista has managed to establish itself as Microsoft's main source of income, driving a ...

Legitimately install IE 7 on a pirated windows

The Windows Genuine Advantage (WGA) validation check process is now disabled in the Windows Internet Explorer 7 'Installation and Availability Update'. So, users can install Internet Explorer 7 even if the version of Windows that is installed on the computer is not genuine.Get Internet Explorer 7 ...

Easy to remember DNS servers

There are days when your DNS servers go bad and makes you wait for many a seconds before the domain-name to IP conversion takes place. Here are some alternative DNS server IP addresse, just in case your DNS servers fail and you urgently need to ...

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