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Chat with blog visitors using Yahoo! Pingbox

Chat privately with visitors on your social network profiles, blog, or website through Yahoo! Messenger. Yahoo! Messenger Pingbox™ Create your pingbox, style it, copy the code and paste it on your blog. Only you and person you are chatting with can see the IMs, even if ...

Custom avatar image upload for bbpress

By default, bbpress shows the user's Gravatar using his/her email ID. This can be changed by avatar-upload, a plugin for bbpress. This plugin for bbpress allows users to upload an avatar (gif, jpeg/jpg or png) image to bbPress, and provides template functions to display the uploaded ...

Web hosting reviews, articles and Tutorials

WebHostingRating.com is a relatively new web hosting rating site where anyone can find complete information on all web hosting providers, all of their web hosting plans, promotional and discount coupons, and unedited reviews by real customers. Apart from being just a Web hosting directory, what makes WebHostingRating.com ...

DreamTemplate for great looking site templates

Where can you get unlimited access to over a thousand website templates for just about 60 bucks ? At DreamTemplate of course :D .. There are a lot of free templates available for non members too. Check out the quality of the free designs. Members can have a ...

Voxant Newsroom offers $7 CPM for July 2008

There is a Special promotion for the month of July where The Voxant Newsroom would be offering a $7 CPM for non-autoplay videos This holds valid ONLY for the month of July.. Other July CPM rates are given below (no changes have been made other than the ...

We’re on Hostgator and we love it

Use coupon BLOGULATE994 and get 9.94$ flat off from any hosting package of your choice!

We're on Hostgator and are extremely happy with the service. Never down, cheap and powerful servers!
Use coupon BLOGULATE994 and get 9.94$ flat off from any hosting package of your choice!

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