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Archive for ‘Developers’

Joomla.org converts forum from SMF to phpBB

The Joomla! community just completed migrating from SMF over to phpBB3. Brad Baker posted some of the details on the reason for Joomla.org's use of phpBB3. The main reason to move over to phpBB stemmed from Joomla.org's discomfort from bridging GPL applications with ...

WP-ShortStat plugin : Blog Statistics

Get statistics like visitor's browser type, OS, total hits etc. from the admin panel of your wordpress blog with WP-Shortstat plugin. Wiki page for WP-ShortStat Direct Download for WP-ShortStat

The 30 second AJAX Tutorial

Taken from the php-general mailing list. [ Mail by Rasmus on AJAX ]

GNU Compiler collection for Windows

GCC stands for GNU compiler collection. There are precompiled versions / binaries of the GCC for windows available here. Gcc for Windows (gcw) is yet another attempt to port gcc to Win32 platform. The major difference from MinGw and Cygwin is maximum possible acceptance of Microsoft ...

10 PHP Tips for noobs

Jeffery Vaska has "10 Tips That Every PHP Newbie Should Know", a nice collection of tips for a newbie venturing into PHP. Tips like MySQL Connection Class, Dealing with Magic Quotes etc can be found there.