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20% discount on BSNL Broadband for Government Employees

Promotional Scheme of Broadband for Government Employees. In order to boost the acquisition and usage of Broadband among government employees, the competent authority has approved 20% discount on Broadband Service charges (usage and rental) for Broadband connections provided to Central Government/ State Government/ PSU Employees category. The ...

BSNL Launches 8Mbps business plans

BSNL is launching 8 Mbps Broadband service in India under the business plan category. The tariff for the 8 Mbps service will be as follows : Particulars Business 2000   Business 4000   Business 15000 Bandwidth 256 kbps/Upto 8 Mbps 1 Mbps/ Upto 8 Mbps 2 Mbps/ Upto 8 Mbps Single /Multiuser (SU/MU) SU MU MU Monthly charges (Rs) 2000 4000 15000 Annual ...

Maximum Speed of ADSL2+

Rajiv told me today that BSNL was gonna roll out 8Mbps schemes soon. I had a feeling ADSL 2+ modems could handle only 2Mbps at max (Must have been coz of the 2+ part :D ). Well, I googled for more info. and found : Theorotical maximums of ...

BSNL DataOne BB introduces two new schemes

Two new plans have been introduced by BSNL India. Home 500 C and Home 500 C+ These plans include phone rental. Earlier the rental-free plan was only with 900 UL. Difference of both plans is in data transfer, ie. Combo 500 [1.5 GB limit] is meant for low ...

Quick Internet speed test

Unlike the other speed tests out there that use 1Mb+ data as test samples, the BSNL calcutta bandwidth meter uses a 128K data test sample. As a result, you get accurate results , FAST. It calculates the bandwidth using Bandwidth=(128*8)Kbits/(endtime - starttime) sec CLICK HERE to check ...

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