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Google launches “Adwords Business Credit Card”

Google has launched a pilot program in UK offering credit ranging from $200 (approx. £125) to $100,000 (approx. £62,000) a month at a highly competitive rate of 11.9 per cent. This was piloted in the US last year with a select set of beta customers, 74% of ...

Google to make AdSense ads display faster

Yes, the web is filled with AdSense ads. In some sites, it's reported that Google's ad loading take upto 12% of the total page load times. Google is now planning to replacing the existing 40K AdSense JavaScript (show_ads.js) with a much smaller script. The new compact ...

AdSense rolls out a new Interface

Google has rolled out a brand new Interface for AdSense. At first look, it bears a striking resemblance with the AdWords Interface. Some noticeable changes: AJAX'd pages: All requests are much faster An AdWords-like Interface Access to more data than before on the default logged-in page Last Payment Amount and Pending ...

Google AdSense Revenue Share

A couple of months back, Google made the revenue share of its Publishers public. This was a great move from Google's part. You can see the revenue share percentage yourself from the AdSense Dashboard. Login to your AdSense account. Goto > My Account > Account Settings and scroll ...

Maximum Number of Google Adsense Ads on a Page

There is a limit to the maximum number of Adsense ad units that can be displayed on a page. As per the official google page, the limits are are follows: Adsense for Content : 3 Link Units : 3 Search Boxes : 2 Referral Units : 3

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