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All news and updates related to the big G

Chrome OS Beta Might Be Releasing December 2010

Earlier, the Chrome OS was proposed to be released sometime this year. However, at the Web 2.0 summit (November 15 to 17 2010), it was announced that the OS would be releasing in a few months [meaning not this year]. Recently, Google has hinted ...

AdSense rolls out a new Interface

Google has rolled out a brand new Interface for AdSense. At first look, it bears a striking resemblance with the AdWords Interface. Some noticeable changes: AJAX'd pages: All requests are much faster An AdWords-like Interface Access to more data than before on the default logged-in page Last Payment Amount and Pending ...

Google gives 10% hike, $1000 bonus to employees

Google Inc will give its staff a 10 per cent pay increase, according to website Silicon Alley Insider. The 10% increase would take effect starting January 1, 2011 accross all Google offices. These so-called merit increases will be gauged on each employee's performance. Chief executive Eric Schmidt ...

Google AdSense Revenue Share

A couple of months back, Google made the revenue share of its Publishers public. This was a great move from Google's part. You can see the revenue share percentage yourself from the AdSense Dashboard. Login to your AdSense account. Goto > My Account > Account Settings and scroll ...

Turn Off Gmail’s Threaded Conversation View

Google has decided to provide an option to turn off the threaded conversation view which comes by default on Gmail. The reason for this move has been a number of posts on the forum, expressing the dislike for the default threading. Posts can be seen here ...

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