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All news and updates related to the big G

Access 2 gmail accounts at the same time, on the same browser!

This is great news for gmail users who use multiple gmail accounts. Google recently notified users that they will be able to sign in with two additional accounts at the same time, and easily toggle back and forth between them easily. Some services like Picasa ...

Google Image Search gets a Makeover

You must have probably noticed the redesign for 'Google Images' search results. It bears an uncanny resemblance to Bing's Image search results. Google has indexed more than 10 billion images on world wide web. Densely Tiled images shown adjacent to each other. A 1000 images on one ...

Google now Searches your “Social Circle” too

Try searching for any term on google (while signed in) and you'll see results from your Social circle toward the end of the page. Google knows your social contacts from you gmail address book and searches for content created by your friends. From Google: If you're signed in ...

Google’s 10 User Interface Design Guidelines

User Experience Designer Google Apps, Jon Wiley, outlined some of the most important principles for designing interfaces over at Google. In his presentation at the WritersUA conference, Jon listed the following guidelines: 1. Useful: focus on people - their lives, their work, their dreams. 2. Fast: every millisecond ...

Maximum Number of Google Adsense Ads on a Page

There is a limit to the maximum number of Adsense ad units that can be displayed on a page. As per the official google page, the limits are are follows: Adsense for Content : 3 Link Units : 3 Search Boxes : 2 Referral Units : 3