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How to monitor Adsense clicks in Google Analytics

Google Analytics can be used to track/monitor Google Adsense clicks and earnings too. Assuming that you have a working google analytics account, here's how to go about linking both your accounts for Adsense analytics: Linking accounts: There should be a link in your Adsense account inviting you to ...

Gmail Gets the Drag and Drop Feature

Google has rolled out another tweak to its Gmail users that makes its labels work like folders. Now, you can drag emails directly to the labels. Other changes include the shift of the labels option to a new location on the left side bar. It is ...

Google CEO Says Worst part of Crisis is Over

The worst of the crisis has passed and the US recovery is likely to begin this autumn, Google’s chief executive Eric Schmidt said. Schmidt said the rate of jobless claims is decreasing although the absolute number is increasing, it is reasonable to be optimistic for 2010. He didn’t ...

The web’s most unsafe search keywords

The next time you search for free "screensavers", be aware that it is the most dangerous search keyword. according to McAfee [The Web’s Most Dangerous Search Terms] Upon searching for 2,500+ popular keywords across 400,000+ URLs, McAfee’s research concludes that "lyrics" and anything that includes "free" has ...

Interest-based advertising on Adsense

It seems Google is rolling out a new kind of advertising (behaviorally targeted). Adsense publishers have been sent a mail describing the new advertising model. Here is an excerpt of the mail: Hi, We're writing to let you know about the upcoming launch of interest-based advertising, which ...

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