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Xbox Live to be worth more than $1.25 billion

True, the annual subscription costs for XBOX Live is just 50$. But Bloomberg estimates 12.5 million users who pay for Xbox Live yearly so if we calculate 50 X 12,5000000 ~ $625 million! Dennis Durkin from Microsoft said sales of online downloadable content and extras have also ...

Arc-Mouse from Microsoft

The Arc-Mouse works on 2xAAA batteries which lasts a long time. The mouse works for both Mac and Windows. The cost of the mouse is a bit over 50$. It comes in cranberry red and black color. Check out Ebay for more.

Tekken 6 Exclusive to Microsoft

It seems that Microsoft is still pitching onto pulling the rug out from underneath Sony by trying to remove all their 3rd party exclusive titles. First it was GTA IV, then Final Fantasy XIII and now long time PlayStation exclusive Tekken 6. The version hitting both ...

MS sued over the use of ‘Vista capable’ logo

A class-action lawsuit alleging that Microsoft deceived consumers has been given the green light by a federal court. The suit, fi led in Seattle, WA, alleges that Microsoft’s “Vista Capable” logo program—used on machines prior to the release of the OS—was intentionally misleading. Many of the PCs ...

Microsoft wants to ‘catch-up’ with Google

Microsoft Corp Chief Executive Steve Ballmer pledged that the company would gain share against Google Inc in online advertising and Web searching, even if it's his "last breath" at the company. "So it may be my last breath at Microsoft, but we're going to be there, working ...

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