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Legitimately install IE 7 on a pirated windows

The Windows Genuine Advantage (WGA) validation check process is now disabled in the Windows Internet Explorer 7 'Installation and Availability Update'. So, users can install Internet Explorer 7 even if the version of Windows that is installed on the computer is not genuine.Get Internet Explorer 7 ...

Microsoft JPEG XR to become successor of JPEG

The multiple countries participating in the Joint Photographic Experts Group, which created the JPEG standard, have approved an effort to make Microsoft's High Definition Photo format a standard called JPEG XR. XR stands for "extended range," a reference to the format's ability to show a wider ...

Microsoft Windows Live Coolhotmail.com review

"Get a unique e-mail ID that reflects your personality" says Microsoft's new coolhotmail.com - an endeavor to lure more Indians into using Hotmail. There are in all, over 250 custom domains ( like yourname@bangalorerocks.in , you@ilovecricket.in etc., all of which are India specific ). This is ...

Windows XP will keep selling for 5 more months

Microsoft announced that it will keep selling its Windows XP operating system until the end of June 2008. Microsoft said it decided to extend XP sales in response to feedback from computer manufacturers who said there were customers who still wanted to ...

13.4 Gigapixel camera

Below is a video of panoramic photo of Harlem. Those of you bragging about your 10 Megapixel cameras ought to have a look. Microsoft's HD View technology is used to render the images into a panorama. Source : Harlem13GP

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